Electronic Press Kits

We produce Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) for the arts and corporate

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Kaabi Kouyate
The Dylan Tree
Kouraba 2015

An Electronic Press Kits is often your first method of contact and calling card to the industry. And because you only get one chance to make a first impression make it a good one with a high quality EPK produced by AAPM.

An EPK Is Your Digital Calling Card To The World

The main reason some EPKs are not successful, is because they are too glitzy with little, or no relevant information, and they are filled with too much useless information that does not relay the message. A successful EPK needs to be creative, yet simple while relaying the message clearly, and to the point.

Crafting engaging HD visuals, heightened with superiority digital audio production is the AAPM mark!

Electronic Press Kits for The Arts:

An electronic press kit is a useful tool for musicians, band, or any visual artist seeking exposure. Upon completion, you’ll be able to post your EPK on websites, crowd sourcing campaigns, YouTube, and other digital media markets. EPKs make your talents aware to the music industry professionals, promoters, and the media so they can reach out to you, and for your existing, or potential fans to view. An EPK can help boost online sales of your music recordings, and expose your talent, and goals to the world.

Electronic Press Kits For the Corporate World:

A well-produced, and informative EPK is essential for company websites promoting new, or existing product lines, and, or company services. EPKs are essential for product launches at corporate conferences, or at unrestricted public attended events.

Electronic Press Kits for Television:

An attention grabbing “20-30” second marketing reel for television news stations similar to CP24 in Toronto, or for Cable television guide channels where brief advertising spots appear alongside of the show listings.

Soundtrack Composition:

Original soundtrack arrangements to accompany EPK visuals.


Writers, Music Producers, I.T. Personnel, Film Producers, Directors, Video Editors, Local Toronto Musicians, as well as Diversified, Independent and Platinum Recording Artists.

Outdoor Digital Billboard Imagery Design:

High Definition Crisp, and Clear “Attention Grabbing Imagery” for Outdoor Billboard Advertising.