In Goddo We Trust

Since the members of Goddo hadn’t seen each other, or played together in several years, I started by contacting the members of the band to see if there was an interest in performing together again, and to participate in my film “IN GODDO WE TRUST” After confirming the band members willingness to proceed, I began by organizing the Goddo Reunion/35th Anniversary concert.

Reuniting the original Goddo line-up was no easy task featuring front man vocalist and bassist, Greg Godovitz, guitarist, Gino Scarpelli and drummer Doug Inglis. The documentary; “In Goddo We Trust” will integrate concert footage from the bands; “SOLD OUT” reunion concert at the Sound Academy, along with fan testimonials, interviews, their former managers, industry professionals, peers, celebrities, archival interviews, past performances footage, family members, and the guys themselves, which will make for an exceptional documentary on these Pretty Bad Boys.

I thought the movie could just be the push that Goddo needs to get back into the final game. Loverboy is still out there doing it, as is Trooper, Helix, Kim Mitchell, April Wine and so many others… Goddo deserves to be doing it as well” I didn’t think people should be deprived of a good rock act, and a great story. I also thought the music industry execs hearing about the band hitting the road again, and this film would say, okay, let’s see if they’ve still got more in the tank, and how the boys {Greg} are to deal with these days…The boys in the band, other voices, and this movie will answer that, and a great deal more.

I earned the reputation of being a very competent concert sound engineer, and quickly moving onto the position as Road Manager for numerous artists over the years in Canada, and the U.S.A. I was very fortunate to work with great Canadian artists, and numerous international recording artists from around the world throughout the ’70s-80s and into the 90s, before moving into concert production management in the early 90’s.

The incentive for the Goddo documentary came to me in September, 2009 as I was watching an advance copy of the award winning documentary about the Canadian heavy metal band “Anvil” The Story of Anvil. Watching it I was thinking; good for Lips and Rob, if these guys have their story out there and there’s an interest from the public, so should Goddo. I then placed calls to Doug and Greg, both shared the same concern, what about Gino? His health was a great concern, but I was adamant, and I wouldn’t proceed without Gino…No Gino, No interest, No story, No film!

With over thirty years of experience in the Music Industry, and with the numerous personal relationships that I’ve forged, this and my future films will take a look at the lives of artists from a respectful place, and with an honest point of view from a confidant who understands, and respects the line.

With the collaboration of my creative, and experienced team at my side, they allow me to wrap up all of my talents, relationships, experiences, and my vision in tow with their talents, creativity, knowledge, and the expertise to produce my films on these artists,. I’m extremely fortunate to have them at my side…they get me!

For me it’s all about bringing the artists stories, music, art, vibe and vision all together, while leaving something behind that will have a place in the music, and film history archives that will hopefully be perceived as informative, and entertaining.