The Dylan Tree

After the Dylan Tree EPK was produced, it ended up in the offices of Quebecor Media (SUN TV), and they were very impressed with the EPK, so an offer was made, and accepted for a television special in January 2009. The Markham Theatre in Toronto was selected as the venue, with the door proceeds from the concert benefitting the SickKids foundation, as well as the proceeds from the television screening night, and concert by the Dylan Tree on May, 9th, 2009.

In the early 2009, All Access Productions produced the band’s electronic press kit, marking the beginning of the Dylan Tree theatre shows, which in turn led to the filming of their concert at the Markham Theatre, where All Access Productions donated the ticket sale proceeds from this concert to the SickKids Hospital Foundation in Toronto.

After two very successful, and highly rated television broadcasts of “The Dylan Tree” Concerts on SUN TV, Don Gaudet {Head of Programming} offered AAPM another broadcast window of two hours, but unfortunately SUN TV changed its programming format to a news station, and AAPM’s new production of a Goddo concert was cancelled, however, AAPM forged on to produce the Goddo concert film {The Pretty Bad Boys Return} which aired on Super Channel for 18 months, and AAPM is in the final stages of completing a full length feature documentary {IN GODDO WE TRU$T}